Our water management training courses enable organisations to manage the risks of waterborne illnesses efficiently and effectively.

Personnel will learn the skills required to identify, control and manage the risks associated with Legionella bacteria.

BOHS P901 Legionella – Management and Control of Domestic Type Hot and Cold Water Services

This proficiency module certified by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) provides an overview to the risk and control of Legionella infection in domestic type hot and cold water systems.

Learning outcomes include:

  • the origins of Legionella
  • the main conditions which cause Legionella to occur
  • the fundamental principles of assessing the risk of exposure to Legionella
  • implantation of Legionella control schemes with suitable monitoring programmes.

The course is conducted over 1 day and includes an examination.

Offshore & Marine Water Management Awareness training

Provides an introduction to Legionella bacteria and an overview of offshore water management risks.

Learning outcomes include:

  • the types of water systems at risk
  • Legionella management and control
  • relevant legislation

The course is conducted over 1 day.

Offshore & Marine Water Management training for site focal points

Designed for personnel who are likely to play a direct role in the water management programme.

Learning outcomes include:

  • types of water systems at risk
  • Legionella bacteria risks
  • dealing with waterborne illness and outbreaks
  • sampling and analysis techniques
  • water treatments
  • control methods

The course is conducted over 2 days.

Offshore & Marine Water Management refresher training

Aimed at individuals who have completed the Offshore & Marine Water Management awareness training.

This refresher session will re-visit elements of the Awareness course.

The course is conducted over 1 day.