Under regulations, respiratory protection equipment (RPE) must be correctly selected and this often includes a Face Piece Fit Test conducted by a competent person. If the RPE does not fit the user’s face correctly, it will not provide the level of protection assumed. Hawkes Health offers an on-site and offshore service to perform your face fit testing needs.

On-site & offshore service

Hawkes Health performs face fit testing using the latest equipment including the revolutionary new Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester, which uses Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) instead of traditional aerosol particle counting.

Quantifit is used by emergency services and first responders across the world and is suitable for any industry where RPE fit testing is required.

So what are the unique benefits over its competitors?

  • Simpler testing technology means it can test after a 30-second daily calibration in virtually any environment as long as air is present and there is a power supply.
  • No waiting time to test those who have recently eaten or smoked (traditional aerosol count method requires a wait of 45 minutes after food or cigarette to avoid particle contamination), so users can be tested at any time.
  • Not reliant on ensuring sufficient particles in the air to test and artificially creating them if not.
  • As it does not need to generate gases, vapours or particles, Quantifit quickly and safely demonstrates that if air can get into the respirator then so could gases, vapours and particles.

So how does Quantifit work?

During a fit test, the respirator inlets are capped with test adapters and the inhalation valves are propped open or removed from the mask. With the test subject holding their breath for no more than ten seconds, the Quantifit then establishes and maintains a slight vacuum, or controlled negative pressure, inside the mask. Since the respirator inlets are sealed, all sources of leakage into the mask are through the face-to-facepiece seal or due to integrity issues. The volume of air drawn out of the mask by the Quantifit during this short period of time is equal to the leak rate into the mask through the face-to-facepiece seal.

The Quantifit seal check feature is also unique to CNP technology. This feature can be used to verify that the facepiece is seated prior to testing. Just as importantly, it will create a negative pressure that can detect a leak path when a face piece needs repair, similar to mask integrity testing that is done within nuclear and military settings.

You can view a video of how the Quantifit works here.