Noise pollution impacts on hundreds and thousands of people living in the UK every day. Our Noise Team are specialists in environmental noise monitoring with a wealth of experience in assessing noise from industrial facilities, wind turbines, road traffic, construction sites and commercial buildings.

  • Environmental noise and vibration monitoring (baseline, investigatory and compliance), short and long term
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) support
  • Noise assessments for planning applications
  • Sound insulation tests for walls and floors
  • Building and architectural acoustics consultancy services (design and compliance) for educational, healthcare and other commercial developments
  • Industrial noise assessments and noise control (planning and environmental permitting)
  • Wind farm noise assessments
  • Noise and vibration for construction and demolition works, including Section 61 and construction noise management plan production
  • Structural vibration assessments and vibration isolation
  • Occupational noise monitoring and consultancy