Environmental health encompasses all of the external factors that affect human health and wellbeing.

Environmental Health factors can range from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, to the wider impact of human-made health hazards in the world around us. Hawkes Health support small, medium and larger businesses with their environmental health challenges.

We risk assess food hygiene practices, potable water integrity, air quality, hazardous substance hazards, communicable and public health concerns.  In addition, to workplace noise and vibration hazards we also evaluate environmental noise concerns and undertake odour assessments.

An odour assessment survey is a qualitative assessment of the immediate surroundings of a proposed development or operation such as a restaurant. Its objective is to assess the possible odour impact that may be caused. The odour assessment is carried out  in line with the EMAQ, (2018) Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems.





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