Hawkes Health are dedicated and committed to helping organisations of all types and sizes in providing support and services against the threat of COVID-19.


COVID-19 Marine & Oil & Gas Industry Pre mobilisation Screening


COVID-19 screening is undertaken by our clinical staff at our assessment station close to all Aberdeen heliports and the main airport. We can undertake screening at alternative locations by prior agreement. The screening includes a verbal health check and non-contact temperature measurement. We only offer validated and accurate tests to ensure testing is undertaken at the optimum time to deliver the best results. All guidance regarding COVID19 screening and testing should be made by senior management and supervisors as a preventative measure to protect personnel.

COVID-19 Worker RT-PCR Testing

Hawkes Health have partnered with two UKAS accredited laboratories for RT-PCR testing analysis. This test will confirm if a person has the COVID-19 virus or not. The test kits are CE IVD approved and are 99.9% accurate.

We operate 24-hour seven day a week testing capability. Hawkes Health arrange secure same day or overnight carriage of samples. Test results are available within 24 hours from arrival at the laboratory. We highly recommend that any personnel testing positive for COVID19 should self-isolate for 7 days, consistent with Government and National Medical Authority Guidelines. The COVID-19 PCR Test is compliant with the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) regulations and is for medical professional use only.

COVID-19 Worker Antibody Testing

We are not currently offering antibody tests. This type of screening tests for the detection of IgG and IgM antibodies, to help identify if a worker has had the virus.

Results from laboratory-based tests for COVID-19 antibodies using capillary blood sample collection kits may not be reliable (MDA/2020/015). This covers issues with both laboratory-based tests for COVID-19 antibodies (invalidated sample type) and capillary blood sample collection kits (invalidated for home use)

Once this method of testing has been officially validated by UK Govt authorities we will provide this service. The test is analysed by a trained medical professional in conjunction with previous history and clinical signs and symptoms of the personnel being tested.


COVID-19 Worksite Support


With the current COVID lockdown, many buildings will be empty or experiencing minimal occupancy and, as a result, domestic water systems within the building could potentially become a Legionella risk if action, such as regular flushing, is not taken.

Unoccupied buildings run the risk of water stagnating, providing conditions where harmful Legionella bacteria can proliferate.

Hawkes Health can review your current water safety arrangements or undertake an assessment if one is not in place.

Additionally, we offer a range of  services to assist companies manage transmission risks. These services include tailored COVID-19 risk assessments, development of business specific protocols, such as COVID-19 self declaration forms, hygiene and cleaning standards and return to work online / virtual COVID-19 risk management briefings.

For more information contact michele.buckley@hawkeshealth.com or call 01224 674174.