Hawkes Health help organisations of all types and sizes in providing support and services against the threat of COVID-19.

COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel


With our client’s workers now returning to work and travelling abroad it has become increasingly important for individuals to be tested to rule out COVID-19 infection. Additionally, many destination countries require a medical certificate showing proof of a negative test result for COVID-19, either to gain entry or to avoid the need to quarantine.

This test looks for the presence of genetic material from the COVID-19 virus within a swab or saliva sample. These tests are commonly referred to as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. Antigen tests look for parts of the virus. PCR swabs are used to rule out COVID-19 infection before travel or resuming other activities.

We provide PCR results and flight travel certificates within 24 – 48 hours depending on your requirements. These will be emailed to you or company representative as PDF documents.

The COVID-19 PCR test requires a nose and throat swab sample which will be taken by our trained nurses and then analysed by our Scottish based UKAS registered laboratory partner. Hawkes Health test at various locations including Aberdeen and Dundee.

Process for booking a COVID-19 travel test

We test up to seven days a week. The COVID-19 chat and telephone line is is open 0900 to 17.30 Monday to Friday and 12.00 to 16.00 Saturday and Sunday.

  1. You or company representative check with the airline or destination country for the specific COVID-19 entry requirements and determine how soon before your departure the test needs to be taken.
  2. To make a booking email covidtest@hawkeshealth.com and indicate your flight plan, preferred test date and 1st and 2nd choice of location. Alternatively, complete our website enquiry form sharing the same information.
  3. We email an offer of appointment stating date and time.
  4. When you receive the appointment offer, confirm your booking by paying the £40.00 deposit (this will be deducted from the final test fee).
  • You can pay by card over the phone and we will send you a VAT receipt to give to your employer or for expense recovery purposes.
  • Alternatively, we accept invoice terms if your company contacts us with a purchase order or email written instruction.
  1. Finally, we will send your confirmed booking letter containing test location directions and things to consider before you arrive at our premises. You must bring your passport to the test.

If travel or work plan circumstances change, please contact us where we will endeavour to alter the booking. PLEASE, do not visit our clinics if you believe you are displaying COVID-like symptoms. Contact us so we can re-arrange. We have a duty of care to our own staff and other Hawkes Health patients.

Things to Note:

Completed samples are driven directly to the lab by our own drivers. All samples are received by the lab on the same day of your appointment. It’s from this point that the turnaround times come into play. If you have booked a 24-hour turnaround this means you will receive your result late in the afternoon or evening the day after your sample gets to the laboratory. For example, if your sample is taken on Monday, you will receive your result by email typically sometime between 4pm and 8pm on Tuesday.



Rapid Point of Care (POC) Testing Equipment for COVID-19

We have Rapid Point of Care (POC) PCR testing equipment for COVID-19/SARS-Co at our clinics. Using nasal/oral swabs, this equipment can test and produce a COVID-19 result in 20 minutes or less.

This could be a form part of your company’s strategy to help keep your employees and workplaces COVID secure and operational, this test is an affordable, fast and accurate way to determine the infection status of employees onsite or returning to the workplace. It is therefore ideal for anyone in the care sector, marine, oil and other business organisations where regular testing forms part of your COVID risk management plan.

Our VitaPCR is a CE marked system which is capable of testing for COVID 19 both in and outside the laboratory. It is a rapid Real Time PCR point of Care test, which is used, for example, on NHS Wards, A&E, COVID-19 testing PODS, Drive Through Testing Centres. This is for detecting VIRUS from oral/nasal swabs.

The VitaPCR instrument is an approved rapid molecular POCT platform which uses real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) amplification technology for the processing and analysis of VitaPCR tests. It is used for the qualitative detection and discrimination of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNAs in direct nasopharyngeal (NP) or oropharyngeal (OP) swabs from patients with signs and symptoms of respiratory infection which could be COVID-19.

Advantages of this economical POC testing method:

  • Identify and isolate any asymptomatic carriers that may be present in the workplace
  • Enhance confidence and assurance with regular testing for COVID-19 for your employees, customers and business partners
  • Reduce absenteeism due to self-isolation and increase productivity in the workplace
  • Ensure employees are negative for COVID-19 and therefore safe to return to work
  • COVID-19 testing would be a useful in supporting workplace risk assessments and enhancing safety measures


We offer laboratory and rapid point-of-care (POC)  antibody tests to companies. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements. This test is used to detect antibodies your body may have produced while fighting the COVID-19 virus. The test involves taking a small amount of your blood and testing it for antibodies, which are substances that your body produces in response to viruses and other infections in your blood. Our tests can pick up Covid19 specific antibodies, indicating that you have at some point had Covid19.

COVID-19 IgG/IgM Antibody Venous Blood Test

A simple blood test taken by our registered nurses in our clinic. Results are sent via email and  are available in approximately 24 hours after we deliver to our UKAS accredited laboratory partner, but please contact our nurse team for specific timings. You will also be able to discuss the results and get further advice from our nurses.

Point-of-Care (POC) COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test (Finger Prick)

The test requires a finger prick blood sample which is only taken by our registered nurses. The antibody test is testing for the specific “IgG” & “IgM” COVID-19 antibodies. The test is processed at our clinic with results available in 10-15 minutes.

The Rapid Test is a CE Certified immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of immunoglobulin G (IgG) and immunoglobulin M (IgM) antibodies against COVID-19 in human whole blood, serum or plasma specimens.  An immunoglobulin test measures the level of certain immunoglobulins, or antibodies, in the blood. Antibodies are proteins made by the immune system to fight micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses and toxins.

A positive result indicated COVID-19 antibodies have been detected in your blood – this suggests that you have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and have had an immune response.

The advantage of this result is that you have now identified that you have previously been exposed to COVID-19.

An absence of antibodies means that it is likely that you have NOT had COVID-19. An absence of antibodies infers an absence of immune defence to further coronavirus infections.

Things to Note:

It is important to remember that COVID-19 is a new virus, and the link between the presence of antibodies and immunity is not proven. Moreover, a positive test result for antibodies does not necessarily mean that you are immune to COVID-19 However, as we learn more about COVID-19 you will be in a better position to understand the implications of your test results.

Finally, there is the:


This COVID-19 Antigen rapid test detects nucleocapsid (N) protein and Spike (S) protein fragment of SARS-CoV-2, and also tests and identifies Influenza A+B on one device within 15 minutes.

Whether or not you get tested, and whether or not you find you are carrying coronavirus, always follow the government’s advice. See https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-COVID-19/ and the most up-to-date information can be found at https://111.nhs.uk/ if you are feeling unwell.