About Us

Hawkes Health is a multi-disciplinary family structured business specialising in occupational health. We support large and small organisations including hospitality, care sector, global logistics, construction, engineering, marine and the renewable energy and oil sectors.

Our expertise extends to occupational hygiene and environmental health including Food Safety, Legionella and Water Quality Management.

We deliver accredited workplace health training to help all types of organisations develop and crucially sustain a positive workplace health culture. These programmes can, where needed, be delivered virtually through our web based platforms.

Hawkes Health also support businesses or individual groups who require remote medical emergency support and associated training.

The Management Team

Michele Buckley BSc RN FRSPH AFOH

Managing Director

Michele is Hawkes Health’s Managing Director, responsible for the firm’s operations and financial management. Michele remains a Registered Nurse having had a previous career within the NHS Acute Care sector.


Occupational Hygienist

As one of our principle occupational health advisors and qualified Occupational Hygienist Dan has worked extensively within the hospitality, manufacturing, construction and energy sectors. Highly experienced in areas such as chemical management, noise, vibration, local exhaust ventilation, workplace ergonomics, water management, asbestos and workplace air monitoring.

Lynne Morgan Dip OccHyg FFOH FEI

Senior Chartered Hygienist

Lynne is our most Senior Chartered Hygienist. She is a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene with forty-five years of practical knowledge and experience to share. She is our educational leader and OH professional mentor having delivered learning and development programmes worldwide.

Ellie Hawkes MA (Hons) Business Management

Marketing and Commercial Director

Ellie joined us following her graduation in Business Management from the University of Aberdeen. A previous intern she too has adopted the same entrepreneurial spirit as the other members of the family team. She is responsible for the company’s marketing and commercial activities.

Dr Alasdair Corfield


Alasdair is one of our two associate medical directors and additionally a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Retrieval Medicine based in Glasgow, Scotland. Alasdair has a specialist interest in critical care delivery and was involved in the inception of the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service.

Dr Stephen Hearns


Stephen is our associate medical director and additionally a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and an internationally recognised helicopter retrieval medicine specialist. He is a fellow of three medical and surgical Royal Colleges. He established the UK’s first aeromedical retrieval team, the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service with over 20 years of experience in search and rescue and remote medicine.